Friday, May 2, 2014

Liebster Award

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum and hi ppl.

"Rejab yang indah. Dan sampaikan kami pada bulan Ramadhan yang barakah. Lakal hamdu kulluh."

I was tagged and nominated for Liebster Award by Karimah. Thank youu dik, and I'll try to answer her question depends on myself. Haha, memandangkan soalan dalam bahasa Inggeris, jadi jawab pun dalam bahasa Inggeris. Haihh lidah ney memang lama dah tak speaking, acece lain laah kalau zaman sekolah dulu. 

Rules when being nominated : 
1 - Mention the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
2 - Answer the 11 question asked.
3 - Nominate 11 others bloggers with a smaller following but with lots of potential.
4 - Create 11 of your own questions for them to answer
5 - Notify your nominate. 

Karimah's questions :-

Q: Tell me what do you think about kpop and their kpoppers?
A: Errr, I'm not interested too much but I know a little about kpop through my friends. Kpoppers? Let them be :) 

Q: What should you do if our crush doesn't like you as you like him? 
A: Ohmyyyyyyyyy ._. i'll try to confess first to him. Hahaha. Okee just kidding. I will until he like me too. And I'll pray for the best. If it's meant to be, it will be. 

Q: If you can fly, where do you want to go? And with who? 
A: If I can fly, I want to go with my family. Then after I got married, I want to fly with my husband haha. Fly fly away~ 

Q: What's your opinion if I said I hate kpoppers?
A: Hm, try do not hate kpoppers. Bcs nothing can settle by hating each other. Right? 

Q: What do you think about my blog?
A: Kehkeehh I love your blog. Your pink's blog. I really love it. Full with beautiful flower. Ohhh I am falling in love with your blog heehe :)

Q: Who do you admired?
A: Haha I admired Aisyah Syakirah, Heliza Helmi and Dena Bahrain. Well, all of them are gorgeous and beautiful. And I admired someone too. Kehkeh. ._. *ignore that last stament* 

Q: Who's your favourite blogger?
A: Well, I like Fatin Liyana. Can I answer this more than one? Hehe, I always visit Ee's blog . This means I like her blog. 

Q: If I make giveaway, do you want to join it?
A: InshaAllah if the giveaway interest me and I'll join it if I have a free time. I will!

Q: What's present do you want if I make a giveaway?
A: Act, I love kawaii, pink, and cute items. Hehe. That's enough for me. 

Q: What do you think about true love?
A: True love is about trust, loyalty and sincerely. Try to winning each other's heart.

Q: Do you love my blog? Give a reason :)
A: Yes, I love your blog. Because your blog's theme. Pink and full of flowers. Neat. Seriously I like your blog. 

Phewwww. Finish!

Nominees :-

These bloggers are chosen randomly by me. And do inform me if you had answer all the questions :) 

My questions :
1. Describe yourself in five words.
2. What do you want to be in the future? State your reasons.  
3. Do you prefer to study abroad or in Malaysia? What course? And why? 
4. Do you watch Running Man? Hehe if yes, can you mention which one do you like? Describe him/her. 
5. The best kdrama that you had watch? 
6. State your activity during your leisure. 
7. Have you been frustrated with someone in your life? Tell us why. 
8. What will you do if you sad and frust?  
9. How old do you want to get married? And tell us what are you dreams for theme's wedding. 
10. If you feel lonely, what will you do? 
11. Can you describe honestly about my blog? Hehe. Thank you :) 

You can answer these anytime that you want. No force k. Enjoy answering all the questions. Have a blast. 


  1. Thnaks for tagging, in sha aallah i will answer it wahahaa

  2. Replies
    1. hehe most welcome. thank you for tagging me :D

  3. thanks zakira tag kak nini ye! dah jawab dah,hehe :D

    1. terharuuu >.< kehkehh. kak nini terbaikkk lol :D

  4. nanti saya jawab kalu ada masa kihkih

  5. afinaaaa .nanti akak ada masa akak jawab taw :) a little bit busy sikit ni :D heee .

  6. done! :)

  7. Thanks kak Zakira tag Fisha, nanti Fisha jawab ye ^^.

  8. hai zakira saya dah hahaa jemput jemputla ye :):)

  9. hihi thankyouuu, if ada masa adda jawab eh zakira <3

  10. Most of the question I read from this liebster award is about Korean xD
    I guess it was meant to be forward to girls instead of guys uh?? :/

  11. dah jawab