Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Deep :')

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum and hi readers.

My heart feel something wrong. Huh? Is that heartbroken? Maybe something that I cant express through anything else except words. Fact, words can express everything! 

I'll try to smile even its harder than I though. Fake smile? Yeah, seems its quite beautiful to some people that have problem and try to keep away their sadness. Let them to smile, even its only a fake. The same things goes to me when I had problems. And I keep saying to myself that I'm okay and I tried to smile for many times. 

Well, I try to entertain myself. Tbh, I cant say how broken this heart, how sad I feel, how miserable I am. I know its quite tough for me to refrain myself from crying like a baby but still I'm trying.  -_-


So, for them who  had problems, try these tips :D maybe you can keep away your tears and be happy like others.

  • Keep yourself busy-try doing something productive!
  • Try to relax and think about the good times you had.
  • Scream into a pillow to get all the bad feelings out.
  • Try to do something that you enjoy with a close friend, and talk it out. Maybe you just need to be around people, depends on your personality. You can go lay in your grass with your friends and squirt each other with water, or watch entertaining video and snuggle up with your favorite drink.

  • Distract yourself by reading an interesting book.
  • Invite a friend or make something creative in arts and crafts, cooking, or send a article in magazine.
  • Get a mug of hot chocolate, dress in your favorite pajamas and watch your favorite film while you snuggle up in a bed.

  • If you have a pet, have a nice cuddle with it. A stuff animal will work too.
  • Dance you favorite song. Let it all out.
  • Try to do something who needs help! Giving your time and energy to improve someone else's situation will give you a sense of reward and purpose, making you feel better about yourself and your situation.  (http://www.wikihow.com/Get-Happy-when-You're-Sad)
I just  share something that useful. Hehe. And yes the date of result is coming soon. My heart beats so fast and my mind keep thinking how many As' I get. For sure, I'm hoping :) 

Guys, keep praying for MH370. Allah knows everything and we just human that was created by Him :') 

"Telah berlaku hijab di antara alam nyata dan alam ghaib.Allah SWT, ingin ingatkan kita, manusia bahawa kita insan yang lemah. Dunia bukan milik manusia tapi milik Allah.Allah yang beri ilham untuk kamu mencipta sesuatu. Di belakang teknologi itu Allah.Bila sains yang berakhir, bermulalah kudrat Allah. Kembalilah pada pencipta dengan rendah diri.Ini adalah kata-kata Kapten Norudin dalam temubual di MHI. Sangat setuju dengan kata-kata beliau yang banyak meghubungkan dan menyedarkan kita dengan kuasa Pencipta kita,Allah.Beliau juga ada menyarankan, ahli keluarga, kita buat solat taubat, dan yang berilmu kembali kepada Pencipta dengan rendah diri. Pujuk rayu Allah."
Astargfirullah for everything. Allahu a'alam.
-Kapten Norudin.(via bawahlangit)



  1. In Shaa Allah , kalau ade rezeki . keputusan cemerlang milik anda , berdoa .
    Allah sebaik2 perancang , walaupun kita guna teknologi canggih tapi masih tak jumpa . semoga pencariannya dipermudahkan , same same doakan yang terbaik :)

  2. @AmySyahiera Malik. Ameen ameen. semua dalam pengetahuan Allah :) teruskan berdoa.

  3. thanks for the tips. good luck for your exam. #PrayForMH370 :'D

  4. @eyqa yushaiza. thank you :D Ameen.