Friday, May 31, 2013


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum.

Sorry for the late update. 

Act, I want to share anything from A-Z. Tapi, masa tak tahu dah nak gali dekat mane!! But its okay, I'll try to share. FYI, every single things that happen in my life are really meaningful instead it just about a little thing that I should left behind. Hm, but I'm not that person, I'll try to remember every incident that happen. #setiap yang berlaku tersimpan nilai sentimental yang tersendiri tika suka atau duka. So, try to appreciate your life.

Alhamdulillah, my birthday had past. I was happy with that day cause I could celebrate my day with her. Well, Kak Anis drove her car and took me for a lunch and spent some money to buy me a present. Baikkkk sangat hati kak Anis ney! We entered Smart CC and she told me to choose anythings that I want. Hoho, I don't know what I should choose since I saw many cute stuff that make me melting especially Rilakkuma~ Haaa, the price also cute! 

I walked around until I stopped. Waaaaa, cantik jugak selipar yang berbulu ney! I really want a pair of that slippers and I got that. Thanks to Kak Anis because you accompanied me and celebrated the special day together. Yes, I missed all the time in 2012. Everything. #Terima kasih juga Ferrero Rocher tuu :)

Selesai jugak mid-year-exam dan Kem Sinar Gemilang yang makin buat semangat kami berkobar-kobar untuk SPM nanti. Thanks to all SPM teachers. Yeah, our desire to be the winner. Kun Fayakun. InshaAllah. Pray the best for us :) 

Kita bukan tidak boleh berubah sebenarnya. Kita boleh! Tapi kita banyak memberi alasan kepada diri sendiri. Yang hakikatnya kita banyak memberi alasan kepada Allah Ta'ala.
Nanti dan nanti, lagi dan lagi. Padahal, sikit pun Dia tidak rugi dengan kesombongan kita mahu datang kepada-Nya. #viadurratunnasihah

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Random Update

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Assalamualaikum.

It's almost one month I not blogging like usual. Honestly, I miss my typing too much. Blogging is apart of my life. This is my place to express anything that I want! When I feel stress, at least I can tell all of them here BUT we are not allow to bring laptop or phone to school! It's not fair right. Urghhhh, I hope and I wish I can go through the hard times like others. Be strong, not cry like a baby and kept the sadness inside.

Memories in Taiping, Perak :') 230313-300313. Thanks for all those memories.

Mid-year exam is waiting and waving to me. How I feel? I am quite afraid and palpitate to face this exam. I'm not ready at all. I do not cover up all the topics that I left during my training. Biology, I'm sorry! I left you for a long time. All about locomotion, I DON'T KNOW! And I don't know how to study that chapter in this short time. At least, I have to know the basics. Pray the best for me for my life.

Don't let your sorrows down you. Use them to deepen you, humble and soften you. Use them to build your empathy and compassion for the world. Your sorrow was never meant to overtake you; like everything else in life, it is only a tool. To beautiful and strengthen you#Yasmin Mogahed

p/s : Your result is the reflection of your routine :') SubhanAllah.