Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coming :)



For a long time, I didn't update my blog. For sure, my mind just imagined the school. School!! Of course all of you know the school just around the corner! Yeah, I'm not ready for that time. Homework maked me sick and frustrated. I don't know really how to ensure all of my add math tasks will finish as soon as possible.

Me myself have all sorts of feelings before going to school. Act, I don't know how to describe my actual feelings towards school. Sometimes I feel happy to meet all my friends. But in another times, I feel my heart really pounding to face the reality that I am one of the candidates SPM for 2013.

Fact, time flies like an arrow.

Class is still same as 2012. That means, I have to fight more and more to make sure my rank in the class. All of the them are really great. And me? Heeeee, just me know about myself, not anyone else :). My dreams, 11A plus plus plus in my hands. Hopefully my dreams come true, In shaa Allah. And, I will miss all my year time in Imtiaz :)

Last, pray the best for us, candidates SPM 2013. We will do our best :). In shaa Allah, everything is possible if Allah wills.

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